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Bob is me and all the time I come up with some business ideas small or big. I always wanted to to get some quick feedback from professionals and also regular folks. I may think of something while on the bus or in the grocery store while shopping and it seems that I never follow through with most of my ideas. This is a place where I decided to share my hunches. Please leave your feedback or just “like” something. And of course!!! Leave your own ideas and thoughts even though they may appear silly or crazy at first glance.

Here is my first one:
I think it would be very popular if people can rent out Segway two-wheelers in downtown of big cities to cover short to medium distances to work to museum to sport events to avoid traffic jams and parking hustles. Similar to “zipcar” only instead of car you would rent a Segway. Example: You arrived to downtown Chicago on Metra from suburbs and you need to get to work which is eight blocks away but before that you are planning to grab of your favorite coffee four blocks in opposite direction – you have a choice to grab a cab or jump on s SEGWAY after just swiping your credit card and quickly navigate to coffee shop and then to your workplace even without getting off your ride. It saves time and money and very Echo friendly… well !!! this is just a rough idea.

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